BSF involved in cattle smuggling in Bangladesh-Fogfires

BSF involved in cattle smuggling in Bangladesh’ – Indian intelligence agency

International Desk: The names of multiple political influencers have come up in the preliminary investigation into the trafficking of cows in Bangladesh through the international border of West Bengal. There are also names of some BSF officers. That’s what a report from the Central Intelligence Agency of India (CBI) said.

ABP, according to CBI sources, said Anand recently filed a complaint at the headquarters of the Central Investigation Agency in Delhi. It said that illegal trafficking of cattle is being carried out in Bangladesh from multiple border areas of West Bengal. It is said that the influential figures of the state are also involved.

The charges were sent from the Delhi headquarters to the CBI’s Kolkata office. According to CBI sources, the CBI’s Kolkata branch officials conducted a preliminary investigation into the smuggling of cows into Bangladesh through an international border in the state. The preliminary investigation report was sent from Kolkata to Delhi.

Preliminary reports say that some information has been found on the smuggling of cattle through Bangladesh along the international border of West Bengal. Initial investigations have revealed the names of multiple political influencers. There are also names of some BSF officers.

The report also mentions that the BSF officer, accused of influential political figures, is approaching everyone with illegal trafficking money! The CBI estimates, not only the trafficking of cows, but also the smuggling of illegal businesses into the gold smuggling and counterfeit notes.

According to CBI sources, an FIR has been filed on the basis of this preliminary report on cattle smuggling. After receiving the initial report, legal counsel is now taking legal action to resolve the matter, CBI sources said.

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