The world’s top 5 supercomputers

The list of the world’s fastest supercomputer has been published. Top 500 companies publish the list of the best 500 supercomputer in speed trials twice a year. A survey of the Linpack benchmark with the help of German and US experts published the report. Report on the top 5 supercomputer in the list:

Summit: Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy unveiled last June. It is now the world’s most powerful and talented supercomputer. The Oak Ridge team says the system cost $ 200 million to build. It is the first supercomputer, specially designed for use in artificial intelligence applications. This supercomputer made by IBM is 148.06 petaflop speed.


Sierra: The Sierra Super Computer made by IBM is second on the list of the fastest supercomputers. It is located in the United States Lawrence Livemore National Laboratory. It has a speed of 94.6 petaflop. (1 petaflop = 1 thousand teraflops or 1 million gigaflops).

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Sunway TaiHuLight: In 2017 China’s Sunway TaiHuLight was at the top of the list in the top 500 as the world’s fastest and most powerful computing computer machine in the world. The supercomputer at the country’s National Super Computing Center is at number three on the list this year. The supercomputer built by the National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering and Technology in China has a 93 petalflop speed.

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Tianhe-2A (Milkyway-2A): The computer at the Tianhe-2A (Milkyway-2A), located in Guangzhou National Supercomputer Center, China, is at fourth on the list. The supercomputer built by the National University of Defense Technology of China has a 61.4-petalflop speed.

Frontera: The world’s fifth fastest supercomputer frontrunner at Advanced Computing Center in Texas, USA. It uses the Zion Platinum processor as a C6420 supercomputer made by Dell. It has a speed of 23.5 petaflops.

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