Those foods that reduce the desire for physical relationships

Due to busyness, we often eat different types of foods as opposed to regular meals. Foods that actually satisfy our immediate appetite but have a very negative impact on sex life. In particular, the desire for physical union can also be lowered. Because of this, many people do not understand or use different drugs. Which, in fact, brings temporary energy to the body but increases the risk of various diseases. So foods that can reduce sexual desire are better to avoid now.

Foods that may affect sexual desire or sexual ability –

  1. Excessive cheeses can cause problems in the sex life. In fact, cow’s milk contains a large amount of synthetic hormone which, due to its high intake, disrupts the production of normal hormones in the body.
  2. Excessive drinking can have serious harmful effects on sex life. With erectile problems, excessive drinking may be the cause of rapid seizures early in the course of mating. Moreover, alcohol brings a fatigued feeling to the body. This results in lack of appropriate stimulation during sexual intercourse.
  3. Even playing popcorn made in the microwave can have a profound effect on sexual intercourse. All these popcorn contain chemicals such as acid which gradually reduce the ability to have sex.
  4. According to a report in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, soy milk or soy sauce greatly reduces testosterone levels. As a result, sexual desire is reduced.
  5. Researchers say that people who eat 125 grams of soy a day have lower testosterone levels in their body. It also reduces the amount of sperm in soy.
  6. Any type of refined carbohydrate (chips, bread, donuts) or sugars can have the detrimental effect of sexual intercourse. Refine carbohydrates or sugars increase estrogen levels in the body, lowering testosterone levels. As a result, sex life is damaged.

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