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The engineer’s father wished the girl would do a great job. This is why he admitted the girl to the prestigious MBA college in Mumbai. But the daughter’s wish was another. Against the family’s decision, he quit his MBA job and started his own business today. I was talking about Shinil Tilwani, a resident of Mumbai.

Indian media has told the story of Anand Bazar magazine Shinil Tilwani becoming a billionaire. According to the report, Shinil started his own business at the Narsi Manji Institute of Management Studies in Mumbai on the 27th. He used to sell various skin care and beauty care products. I wish I could go on with it. But his business became a major obstacle.

After completing his MBA, Shinil joined a cloth-producing company in Aurobindo Limited in Ahmedabad. He also got promotion as a reward for good work. This made Shinil’s parents very proud of him.

But Shinil was not happy with the work at all. The business of selling its beauty product started to sink in that day. Later, Shinil decided to quit his job and give up his business mind. He had four months worth of money in hand.

But parents could not accept his decision. Finally, Shinil started working against the old beauty product and quit his job. At first, his business was not doing well at all. However, business began to spread slowly with the work of Shinil.

A famous Mumbai family is eager to see a sample of his product. They purchased many products from Shenil, very happy to use the sample. Thus the reputation of his product spread. Another 8-12 such families become its customers. His business was going well. But Shinil was not happy with the business.

He wanted to do something else. An arts and crafts shop at the Mumbai airport changed his destiny. The shopkeeper was selling a wooden elephant at the shop for Rs.

This same elephant was seen at the home of one of his business associates. The man made a packing box for the product of Shenille. He also made elephants like this. The price per elephant was only 22 bucks.

Business intelligence probably says it. Soon Shinil recognized the next step in his business. By ordering the same person started selling the house by making various items of decoration.

At 28, his shop opened the House of Artisans. The business, which started at just Rs 12,000, has become a business worth Rs 2 crore in these few years.

Source | Yourstory

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