Eat garlic and honey on an empty stomach for 4 weeks, see what happens!-Fogfires

Not only to enhance the taste of the food, but also the taste of garlic for medicinal quality is forever. If you can practice regular eating raw garlic, many diseases can be avoided. However, it is important to know its proper application.

A worldwide study on the benefits of garlic since ancient times. The use of garlic in medicine for many days. Regular dietary intake of garlic can control the amount of cholesterol and high blood pressure. Her twin was also charged with preventing a heart attack. Garlic is also used to cure common colds, flu, fungal infections and diarrhea. In addition, raw garlic intake is beneficial to prevent osteoarthritis, diabetes and prostate removal. Garlic is unique in strengthening the immune system against body contamination. Again, the application of onion-ginger-garlic is ineffective in preventing chemotherapy poisoning.

Garlic is most beneficial when played raw. In fact, when pressed in the oven or in the oven, the key chemical ingredient of garlic is the quality of allicin. Before eating, you need to remove the garlic koya bate or sliced for 5 minutes. In the chemical reaction that occurs after garlic cloves, allicin facilitates easy digestion. Remember, the most fruit will be found if raw garlic can be eaten on an empty stomach.

  1. Garlic can be used to make a variety of diseases. At a glance, let’s look at some of the ingredients for useless medicine.
  2. Raw garlic and honey: Crush 2-5 coats of garlic. Mix a tablespoon of honey with it. Playing this mixture daily will keep the body fit and full of energy.
  3. Garlic Flu Tonic: When making this tonic when you have extra sensitive skin, wear gloves in hand and avoid touching the eyes. Add half an onion kuchi, 1 koy garlic kuchi, 2 dried cilantro, 3 tablespoons ginger kuchi, a whole potluck juice and apple cider vinegar.

First mix the onion-garlic-ginger-dried cilantro in a container. Keep the juice in a separate container with lemon chips. Now add lemon juice to the crushed ingredients. Cover the pot with a gap of at least 5 cm by mixing the vinegar at the end. Use regularly to cure colds, throat pain and flu.

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