Announcement to release the media after the intimate photo goes viral

Recently some of her nude photos were circulated on social media. Immediately afterwards various comments about him started to come. He broke down mentally. In response, Pakistani singer Rabbi Pirzada has announced to quit the media for a lifetime.

The singer wrote a post on Twitter on Monday announcing her departure from showbiz. The Bengali meaning of his post is, ‘I, Rabbi Pirzada, say goodbye to the show-biz forever. May Allah forgive all my faults. God bless everyone’s heart to me. ‘

Meanwhile, Rabi fans are disappointed at the sudden decision to bid farewell to the entertainment world forever. Someone wrote in his post, ‘It is very sad to see Rabi going through such a situation. Be strong Look, everything will be fine. “Someone wrote, ‘Love you, come back with respect.’

Two days ago suddenly some personal videos and photos of the singer went viral on NetDunia. How it was leaked on social media is unclear, but part of the netizens still think that Rabi’s confrontation with Pakistan’s Major General Asif Ghafoor on an ‘item number’ is one of the reasons.

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