Hasina did not forget the night of 15 August

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Shekh Hasina-Bangladesh Prime Minister

Within a few hours after the August 7th Bangabandhu assassination, the new independent Bangladesh began its opposite path. The ring of liberation war, Bangladesh’s national slogan ‘Joy Bangla’ was changed – Bangladesh Zindabad. ‘Bangladesh Wireless’ was ‘Radio Bangladesh’. At the same time

the foundations of Bangladesh were being attacked, on which Bangladesh became independent in the war of liberation. The prisons of the country were full of freedom fighters and progressive people. Efforts were made to forget Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as Bangabandhu from August 7. The name of Bangabandhu is removed from all the textbooks. The Awami League, along with the Awami League, continued to oppress political parties.

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Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

At that time Bangladesh became a fertile town for the emergence of believers in the philosophy of Pakistan. He is a dark Bangladesh – the winner of all Pakistani ideologies in the country except the name and national flag. On the other hand, China’s Pakistan preoccupation with Bangladesh was so much in question that they did not even recognize Bangladesh as an independent state during Bangabandhu’s lifetime. After the assassination of Bangabandhu on August 4, the family recognized Bangladesh on August 6.

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By Imranforestry

On the one hand the consciousness of the war of liberation on the one hand, on the other, the administration and politics everywhere is proud of the Pakistani ghost. Within a year of the murder of the father of the nation, about 5,000 war criminals were involved in crimes against humanity during the War of Liberation. On September 27, the state issued an Indemnity Ordinance to protect the killers of Bangabandhu. The ‘Indemnity Ordinance’ Act was enacted in Bangladesh so that Bangabandhu and his family could never be punished for the legal punishment of those involved in the murder. General Ziaur Rahman gave constitutional validity in the aftermath of the act. The relationship of this military ruler with the murder of Bangabandhu is also discussed among political researchers in Bangladesh.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was killed outside the family at the time of the murder of his two daughters Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana. That’s why all the family members were killed that day, but both of them survived. The elder daughter Sheikh Hasina returned to Bangladesh on 6 May, leaving her husband Sajeeb Wazed Joy and Saima Wazed Puppet in London with their younger sister Sheikh Rehana, after spending six years abroad with their children.

Sheikh Hasina returned home not long after. It was painful and emotional. The day of his return is like the politics of Bangladesh of that time. Nature also became united with the passion of Sheikh Hasina and Bengali. A severe thunderstorm from the morning of May 7 th. Hundreds of millions of people headed to the airport on the day of the storm. The heavy rain could not move them from the airport. After six and a half years, with the feet on the ground, Sheikh Hasina said, “I have come to you all lost. I want to dedicate my life to revenge the killing of the people of the nation by implementing its ideals in the direction of Bangabandhu. “

Today, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had to live in exile after the assassination of Bangabandhu. At that time, the leaders of the Awami League council elected Sheikh Hasina as its president. After returning home, he took charge of the Awami League. On the first day of her return home, Sheikh Hasina fled to the house of Dhanmondi, where the killers killed her father, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, mother Fazilatunnesa Mujib, brother Sheikh Kamal, Sheikh Jamal, Sheikh Russell and two brothers. However, Ziaur Rahman’s government did not allow him to enter the house that day, soaked in his blood. He had to go back to standing in front of the house. On that day, Sheikh Hasina’s tears and rain soaked the soil of Bangladesh.

While Justice Sayem was president, on 7 November, Major General Ziaur Rahman took control of Bangladesh’s state power. On 7 April, Saim handed over the responsibility of the Chief Military Law Administrator to General Ziaur Rahman. Ziaur Rahman became president on April 7, 2014. Elections were held in Bangladesh under the Martial Law on 7 February. In the controversial election, Ziaur Rahman’s party won two-thirds of the BNP. In that Parliament, all the ordinances and declarations under the Martial Law, including the Indemnity Ordinance, from August 7 to April 7, were given legal validity through the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution. On the one hand, the trial of Bangabandhu killers was stopped by legal protection. Immediately they were rewarded with jobs in various embassies.

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