Wealth people in the world

China trails the United States for the first time among the top wealthiest This information comes from the Global Wealth Report 21 report published by Credit Suisse Bangladesh ranks fifth in South Asia in terms of per capita wealth

The wealth of the world has increased

According to Global Wealth Report 20, the wealth of people in the world has risen two-sixth in the last one year, rising by the dollar to 1 trillion. Per capita wealth of older people reaches a record $ 5,900

Forward to the United States, China and Europe

The United States, China and Europe are the main contributors to wealth growth in the world Their revenues have grown to three trillion, eight trillion, one trillion and one trillion dollars, respectively.

Switzerland is at the top in wealth per capita

Switzerland is at the top in terms of wealth per adult Their per capita wealth has risen to $ 5,900 by raising $ 5,900. Then there are the United States, their wealth per capita is four million 12 thousand 5 dollars And Australia’s per capita wealth is 3 million 5 thousand 5 dollars

The number of millionaires is increasing

The number of millionaires or $ 100,000 worth of property owners in the world is now 4 million 5 million This list has been added to the list this year with 5 lakh Of these, 6,900 new millionaires are added by the United States alone

Those who are very rich

In the world, there are 1,220 full-grown people who own $ 1 billion or more Four thousand 5 people have more than $ 1 billion in assets

China lags behind the United States

China ranks the United States for the first time this year on the world’s top 5 richest In this list, the number of people in Asia is 7 million and the United States has 9 million

Obvious discrimination in wealth

According to the report, the bottom 5 percent of people have only 5 percent of their wealth From the bottom down, 5.7 percent of people have a decimal 8 percent or less than $ 1,000. On the other hand, in the possession of 5 percent wealth, less than one percent (nine percent) of the wealth is 1

Resources are also increasing in Bangladesh

According to the Global Wealth Report, the average wealth of adult people in Bangladesh is now 6 thousand 5 dollars That was only $ 1,212 in 20 The total assets in Bangladesh are $ 1 billion Which is two-tenth of the global wealth

Bangladesh is the 5th in South Asia

Maldives ($ 25,200) is at the top of the per capita wealth of adults in South Asian countries. Then there are Sri Lanka ($ 25,320), India ($ 6,700), Bhutan ($ 8,220), Bangladesh ($ 6,900), Pakistan ($ 4,700) and Nepal ($ 3,900).

Increasing per capita debt

The per capita debt of adult people in Bangladesh was just $ 25 Which has risen to $ 25 in 20 dollars

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